Hiking Trails


Risk is always a factor during outdoor activities, especially when weather is unpredictable/unfavorable, or when local wildlife (e.g. baboons, snakes) can potentially create a hazardous situation. It is the responsibility of the users of this website and the outdoor trails/routes mentioned herein, to familiarise themselves with the necessary skills for safe hiking, running and/or mountain biking.

All participants must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety. Participants must exercise sound judgment and be prepared for all types of conditions. Trail users should seek advice on current weather and trail conditions. Trail conditions may change from day to day, and from season to season, therefore rendering any information on this website subject to change without warning.

The use of any of the routes/trails mentioned in this website, as well as the access to land/property, is done so at your own risk. We at Karoo Saloon, our staff or any of the affiliated land owners, cannot assume liability or responsibility for any actions which may lead to personal loss, injury or death.

Karoo Saloon Trail (7.68km)

Old Highway Trail (11.4km)

Kent Flowers Trail (10.4km)

Klipbok Trail (10.4km)